About little old me? 


Hey all!

I felt that it was maybe time for me to write up an actual about me? Sure why not :)

My name is Jackie, and according to my best friends, it’s not truly my name without an exclamation point replacing the ‘i’. I’m 23 years old (d.o.b Sept 25, 1990), and a recent graduate of McMaster University with a double major in Molecular Biology & Genetics, and a current student of Queen’s University in their Master’s of Science program in Pathology and Molecular Medicine. I’m studying haemophilia A, the genetic blood disorder, and actually working on something which can have direct clinical applications is fantastic. I’m in love with the study of genetics, ergo my genetics, fuck yea blog~ I’m hoping to become a Medical Geneticist or a Genetic Counselor in the future~ 

I’ve been cosplaying making my own costumes for a little over 6 years now, but without that for 7. It’s brought me to my best friends and its so much fun <3 Nothing quite like being a dork in a costume!

Otherwise, I’m a band geek, having played the Euphonium (uber respect points from me if you know what that is without having to look it up) for upwards of 10 years now. I’ve been a competitive tap dancer and still love it, having choreographed the advance level tap group at Mac’s dance club. Part of the reason I love the performance side of cosplay sometimes! Also was a women’s sabreist with Mac’s fencing team. Recently designed an 8 piece fashion collection for a QU club. I like to get way too involved whoops?

Besides that, I’m a giant whovian, obsessed with many anime and manga, nuts over Iron Man and RDJ and marvel in general, nerdfighter, and kinda-homestuck.

Also I’m ravenclaw to the bone

I really look forward to hopefully talking and making friends with as many people on here as I can! I love talking to new people and my ask is always open if people ever want to talk~

Also! I mostly blog…

  • Doctor Who
  • Science
  • Sailor Moon
  • Avengers/Marvel
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Random other anime which currently include Free!, Mekakucity Actors, & Haikyuu! which I all fully recommend
  • Pacific Rim
  • Fire Emblem
  • RDJ/Iron Man
  • pretty pictures
  • cute things
  • my cosplay
  • kickass awesome cosplay that is not mine
  • Star Trek
  • Once Upon a Time
  • a bit of Castle
  • Disney
  • Science
  • bit of Supernatural
  • Batman/Stephanie Brown
  • and kinda anything I want~
So as you can guess I’m definitely a multifandom blog :P

Hope to see you around!!!

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