queerensteinbears asked:
Hey! Can I ask how you made your walking stick for the Terezi cosplay? It's amazing. Thank you! <3

Thank you so much for the compliment!!! :D I’m very happy you like it~

I first made a wire base out of malleable wire (I think about 12 gauge? I’m probably wrong) that first looked like this:

I then covered it in 2 layers of aluminum foil and then covered that with model magic! (though in retrospect I do not recommend this, it was all I had on me at the time and I’ll be re-doing it hopefully with paperclay instead.)

I got it after that looking like this:

Top picture is just me being a dork and the bottom is it just sitting on top of the staff before I painted it~

I just left a hole in the bottom so I’d be able to take the cane apart for easy trasport!

After that I sanded down as much of the bumps as I could (though this didn’t work so well because of the model magic) After that I gave it a bunch of coats of just a standard bright red acrylic paint and painted on the white eye after

The staff started out as the bottom of a cheap devil’s staff from value village which I yoinked the top off of. I taped off with actually just normal clear scotch tape the areas I wanted to keep black with strips, and gave probably about 6-7 coats of the white/red paint for the areas that needed it. The tape worked surprisingly well in giving me clean edges~ I added a tiny bit of model magic to the very bottom too so that the end was hidden since the staff was hollow

And then it was done~ Yay!

 I hope that helps~ Thanks for asking!

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